Provoking Heaven with your appreciation

Today’s End of the Month Thanksgiving Sunday Service/Worship
Date: 28th June 2020
Venue: Cathedral Church of St. Barnabas, Sabo-Oke, Ilorin, Kwara State
Time: 7am and 10am (English and Yoruba) Services
Liturgical Season: 3rd Sunday in Trinity

Today’s inspiring End of the Month Thanksgiving Sunday Service/Worship, with profound, all-inclusive and seasoned Sermon from His Lordship, the Bishop of Kwara, Rt. Revd Sunday T.G. Adewole.

1. The processional Hymn was taken from C.H 316 – “Head of the Church triumphant” was sung

2. The Thanksgiving Call to Worship was done, alongside with Psalm 146 and 1st Kings 3:1-14, and well-seasoned and inspiring Sermon, was preached by His Lordship, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kwara, Rt. Revd Sunday T.G. Adewole

A. The Rt. Revd Sunday T.G. Adewole prayed and expressed his deep heart of gratitudes and thanksgiving unto God, the Almighty heavenly Father, who brought us to the beginning of the the new week that will usher us into another new month, and for His enabling grace, for sustaining and keeping us alive in the land of the living, especially for helping us to see the last Sunday of this month of June 2020🙏🙏🙏.

1. He remarked on the central theme: Provoking Heaven with Your Appreciation and Acceptable Thanksgiving,

– and carefully explained the meaning of Provoking, especially as it entails something that is beyond the normal expectations.

i. He explained the importance of acceptable Offerings and quality Thanksgiving unto the Lord God Almighty, especially in our Christian Faith, just as King Solomon did in 1 Kings 3:1-14.

B. Theme and the topic focuses on “Provoking Heaven with Your Appreciation and Acceptable Thanksgiving” 1 Kings 3:1-14.

i. According to him, acceptable offerings and thanksgiving to the Lord God Almighty is unavoidable necessity in our Christian Faith and Worship.

ii. He carefully explained that appreciation connects with giving of thanks to God for what He has favourably done, and how King Solomon demonstrated this in 1 Kings 3:1-7.

iii. He remarks and references to how a student who did excellently well, during the promotional exams in the School, is giving some special gifts to encourage excellence and more efforts/commitment for higher performances in the future studies.

He explained “Heaven” as God’s dwelling or God’s abode, and he profoundly relates on how heaven of God’s presence, requires daily acceptable appreciation from God’s people,

and that appreciation is not just limited with only monetary giving,

– that God, the Father Almighty, wants us, the Christians, and all the Church goers, to always show Him our deep hearts of appreciation in diverse ways, including with quality time of praises in His presence, quality thanks offerings and faithful Tithing to God Almighty, among other things.

iv. Rt. Rev’d Sunday Timothy G. Adewole, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kwara (Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion), further charged all the Christians and Church goers, to always be thankful to God, to always be sacrificial in giving God our time, praise, thanksgivings in God’s presence, with acceptable and quality offerings and faithful Tithing, among other things.

v. His lordship, the Bishop acknowledges the essentialty of quality thanksgiving and acceptable offerings to the Lord God Almighty, and he referenced on how he has severally appreciated God, including prostrating in God’s presence with full appreciation to God for all He has done for him and his family, from the inception of his life till presently. 🙏🙏🙏

– He uses several illustrations to teach the importance of appreciation and how to appreciate God more acceptably, and that if you appreciate God more acceptably, you will increase greatly, just as Solomon favourably experienced from God (1 Kings 3:1-14; Romans 12:2-14).

– He extensively spoke on how to appreciate God more acceptably, with reference to Abel, Abraham, David and Solomon’s acceptable offerings to God Almighty, and how each experienced unimaginable favour of God, unimaginable breakthroughs, and open-doors, among other blessings of God.

– He further explained that appreciating God more acceptably, is direct issues of mindset, and that it doesn’t have to do with one’s social or family background, and academic qualifications, when it comes to the matters of appreciating God.

– He made some further reference to butress his points, especially on Rehab, the prostitute, who was included in Jesus’ geneology, and Solomon’s birth circumstances, among other things,

and quickly prophesied that the coming new month will be the month of God’s unimaginable visitation for supernatural breakthroughs and open-doors.

vi He then emphasized on the importance of puting our total faith and trust in God, and that “seven”, Biblically, signifies full perfection.

He then prophesied that this coming seventh month of July, God Almighty will supernaturally perfect all that concerns us and our respective families, in Jesus most powerful Name.

– He further explained the importance of having a direct contact with God’s presence and God’s Altar, with acceptable sacrifices and offerings, just as Solomon did, and heaven was deeply provoked in his unimaginable favour that day (1 Kings 3:3-14).

vii. He explained how Solomon’s offering to God provoked the glory of God to come down and fill the whole Temple and the Altar of God’s presence.

He said that if you want to experience what has never been happened before in your family, you have to serve God more faithfully and committedly.

You have to praise God more sincerely and more acceptably.

You have to give to God Almighty as no one has given to God, especially in your family, and you will be greatly favoured by God above every other person in your family, just as Solomon experienced from God, above other children of King David.

He quickly prophesied that this week, whatever you need from the Lord God Almighty, will miraculously come in manifold, in Jesus Almighty Name.

viii. He then admonished that whatever we do to God, we should always give Him the best of the best.

– We should always give God quality offerings.

– We should always give God quality thanksgiving, just as David and his son, Solomon acceptably did in their days.

– He quickly prophesied that every generational curse that anyone under the sound of his voice, is suffering, is totally terminated from today and forever, in Jesus most powerful Name.

ix. Towards the conclusion, the Bishop seriously re-echoed on the importance of being a genuine born-again and committed Christians, and the need to appreciate God more acceptably in spirit and in truth.

viii. He asked everyone to rise and begin to pray to God that the miracles, testimonies, blessings, revivals, breakthroughs, open-doors, favour, good things of life that nobody has ever experienced or witnessed in our respective families, let them start/begin with me from henceforth.Prayer points
– He then prayed that by the Almighty power of Jesus Christ, who sacrificially died for all our sins, and victoriously resurrected on the third day for our salvation and deliverances,

– God’s supernatural power will miraculously turn things around in our favour, from this day and this week forward,

– through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, all that is spiritually and physically dead in our lives, families, businesses, marriages, goodhealth, among other things, be supernaturally brought back to life,

– that all generational and ancestral curses, are totally broken and completely terminated, in Jesus Almighty Name,

– that all closed doors of breakthroughs, are supernaturally opened from today henceforth,

– and that the glory of God Almighty that no one else has experienced, come upon us, in Jesus most powerful Name.

-He also so earnestly prayed for God’s full restoration, protection, sound health, open doors and Divine prosperity, in all respect, for all the listeners and worshippers.

Happy Sunday that begins a New Week, and may God Almighty bless you evermore🙏🙏🙏

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