Ordination, Installation, Collation and Induction of Altar Servers

enthronement service

The opening prayer was said by The Rt. Rev Adepoju, the bishop of Ekiti West. For the first procession, the hymns ‘O Praise ye the Lord’ and ‘praise to the Lord’ were sung while Psalms 24 and 122 were chanted for the second procession. The color parties matched in where the brigade members brought in the flag, thereafter, the Rt Rev. S. Akanbi presided the communion.

Sir J.S. Bamigboye read the old testament reading, Isaiah 42:1-8, the Rt. Rev. P.A. Adeyemo, the retired bishop of Omu-Aran diocese read the epistle from Titus 1:5-14, and the gospel was read by Ord. Ayedun Olumuyiwa.

Sermon by Ven. Dr. Olugbemiro
Theme: “Walking Worthy of Your Calling”
Text: Ephesians 4:1.

He prayed in appreciation to God and heartily requested that the Spirit of God will come upon everyone mightily. He thereafter, thanked His Lordship, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kwara, the Rt. Revd Sunday T. G. Adewole, for such privilege to be the Retreatant for five days, and the Preacher in the Ordination Service as well. He further thanked God for His faithfulness and grace upon the Bishop and his wife. He prayed that God will continue to empower and greatly enrich them (the Baba and Mama Kwara) in all respect, in life and Ministry.

The Venerable read from Ephesians 4:1 and explained how Apostle Paul persuaded the early Christians, especially in Ephesus, to work worthy of their calling, just as God Almighty, through His Holy Spirit, admonishes us to prove worthy of our Christian calling in the world today. He reminded those to be deaconed, priested, installed as Canons, and collated as Venerables, that the world is really waiting for the manifestation of their Christian calling (Romans 8:18-24).
He further remarked that there are three major stages of our life,

such as our birthday,
what we pursue a career within the space of time while we live on earth,
and when we die,

and that we have no control over when we are born and when we will die. Hence, we should work worthy of our Christian calling, especially in the Christian and CHURCH Ministry.

He further explained seven (7) points on our Christian calling, including:

  1. To be a man of Godly service: Serving God more sincerely and faithfully and serving His CHURCH in all honesty (Acts 20:28).
  2. To be sacrificial in our services to God and His CHURCH in Godly transparency and honesty (Romans 12:1-2).
  3. To be humble and submissive to God (Job 22:21).
  4. To be committed to our Christian calling and that we are in the Christian ministry to serve God and His CHURCH faithfully (Romans 12:1-9).
  5. To have Godly conviction and maintain firmness in our Christian calling, unto God Almighty, and to His CHURCH (Matthew 10:8-18).
  6. The need for competency: to be competent in our given responsibilities in the Christian ministry and our calling, to ensure true humility, and to be teachable (Philippians 2:5; 2nd Timothy 2:15).
  7. To ensure true Godly character in our Christian calling (Matthew 7:21-24).
  8. Towards the conclusion, he re-emphasized on the importance of maintaining the garment of righteousness, of holiness, of honesty and Godly sincerity in our Christian calling, and he then finally prayed.

    In conclusion, Matthew 22:1 Be prepared and ready for the Lord’s coming John 14:1

    Are you called?
    Are you chosen?
    Where is your wedding garment?

    We all sang the chorus of the hymn “Have you been to Jesus” and prayers were said.

    The hymn “Thine for ever, Thine forever ” was sung, the seven (7) deacons were led to the altar by Ven. C.O. Amusan for presentation.

    The hymn “Jesus I my cross have taken" was taken and the Eleven (11) priests were led forward for presentation by Ven Prof R.W. Omotoye. The examination of deacons was done by Rt Rev Festus Oyetola Sobanke, while the examination of the priests was done by Rt. Rev Adepoju.

    The litany was led by Ven. S.B. Ajayi and the whole congregation sang along, thereafter, Rt. Rev. S.T.G. Adewole laid hands on all the ordinands and priests, one after the other.

    The members of the cathedral chapter led by the sub-dean and cathedral wardens led the two (2) canons out for installation, Rt. Rev. S.T.G. Adewole stated that the oaths and declaration had been taken on the previous day, he moved straight into the installation, after these they were therefore led to their seats by the legal team, and members of the cathedral chapter.

    Ven. Dr. A.S. Idowu led the archdeacons out for presentation, after this they all went into the vestry to get dressed and processed in while the congregation sang the hymn “In the cross”, the archdeacon designates were led by Ven S.B. Ajayi and escorted by Ven C.O. Amusan, Ven Dr. A.K. Olugbemiro, Ven Prof R.W. Omotoye, and Ven. Dr. A.K. Olugbemiro.

    The Altar servers were presented by Rev. Dr. Pelumi Adeyemi and escorted by Rev. Isaiah Afolayan. The old Altar servers were rededicated while the new ones were inducted accordingly.

    The peace was taken and everyone waved to share peace. Immediately after this, communion proper followed.
    The choir sang their special number during administration followed by the other hymns.

    The withdrawal hymns were “God is working his purpose out”, “Faith of our Fathers” & “ O God of Bethel”. The Rt. Rev. S.O. Akanbi said the closing prayers and the service came to an end at 3.35pm.


    The Lord Bishop of the diocese of Kwara has appointed Rev. Barr Olukayode Oloyede and Barr Ogedengbe as members of the legal team of the diocese.

    Sir J.S. Bamigboye, the diocesan deputy Chancellor led Barr. Ogedengbe to take the oath of declaration of non-membership of a secret cult. The Rev. Barr. Olukayode Oloyede was excluded from the oath taken as he had previously done that during his priesthood ordination. His lordship, Rt. Rev. Festus Oyetola Sobanke prayed for the team and the diocesan welcomed them.

    The diocese of Kwara held its maiden edition for rededication and induction of altar servers today. The induction which was championed by his lordship, the Rt. Rev. S.T.G Adewole cut across old and new Altar servers from all churches within the diocese. A total number of Thirty-nine (39) Altar servers were inducted while over forty (40) servers were rededicated after the legal team of the diocese led both the old and newly inducted altar servers to take the oaths of a declaration of non-membership of a secret cult.

    Speaking with the media crew of the Diocese, Ogungbemi Festus Kehinde from St Michael’s Ita-Alamu a new inductee stated that

    the significance of being an altar server is to fulfill God’s call over one’s life, to assist the Priest and to work for God at his youthful age and ending his note, he added that he is glad to serve in God’s vineyard.

    In a conversation with the media crew, Oladejo Olawumi Olamilekan of Mt. Zion Ang Church, Odoota, an old server,

    acknowledged that it is the grace of God that has helped him thus far. Growing up in the Anglican church, he had the passion to serve God in his own little way and at his age, he decided that joining the Altar servers is a way he can give himself to God’s service.

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