2019/2020 executive

The Anglican Youth Fellowship with the acronym AYF is an all-encompassing youth body that houses every other youth bodies within the Diocese. The motto of the fellowship is "Towards the perfect Man"(Eph.4:13A)

To train and develop individual members in the true doctrine of Christianity with a view of attaining the standard required of a true follower of Christ by making themselves useful not only to the church and community in which they live, but also to the Federal Republic of Nigeria by respecting constituted authorities, so that they may always in their daily lives strive " Towards the perfect Man ".

The diocesan council of the fellowship is made up of the President being deputized by two Vice presidents,the general secretary and the assistant, the financial and welfare secretaries, the treasurer, the choral coordinator,Vigil,Bible study and prayer coordinators, the youth star coordinators and the Youth chaplain. Each with its specified duties and responsibilities.

Election into the available offices are held every three years among the various archdeaconries for even representation and proper information dissemination.

Few of the programs held by the fellowship are; the monthly diocesan vigil,archdeaconry praise, Bishop's cup football competition, annual diocesan Bible study conference, council meetings and what have you

The emblem of the fellowship shall be " The Open Bible standing between a handshake and two twigs joined to form a letter 'V' and all in a circular blue background.

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